Telepathy – Communicate Without Your Normal Senses

Sure you may have heard about telepathy before, but do you know the meaning of the word

? The easiest way to explain it is when you experience “feelings over a distance.” Simply put, it is when someone takes their emotions and transmits it to another without using any actions like hearing, touching, sight, words, or anything else.

Most people believe this to be a type of communication that is well above every other type. Even scientists and animal trainers have done extensive research and found that animals are able to do this from very far distances. Keep in mind this isn’t some small study, it’s actually to a point where they believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

While sanofi acomplia humans in the West consider this to be a strange phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another secretly.

The truth of the matter is that telepathy isn’t some esoteric subject. If we would believe that it’s just as reputable as learning a new language, people would accept it much easier. Seriously, we always recognize those who have issues with speech, so why is it so difficult to acknowledge those individuals who possess extraordinary powers. Shouldn’t we consider the people who can’t do it as just having defectiveness?

It’s unfortunate, but our civilization has lost its ability to stretch the telepathic mind. Even though it’s a natural part buy clomid of the human brain, society has created a shell for most people to keep from using it.

Would you believe that telepathy is linked to your sixth sense? Well it is and you may hear some refer to it as the third eye. Whatever name you have for it, telepathy should just come to be second nature.

You may not even realize the times that this happens to you, but everyone has telepathy as a tool. The only problem is most people don’t know how to use it. Oddly enough we experience it all the time and call it instinct instead. Maybe you’re driving home from work and just have a bad feeling about something at home, and then when you get there a problem arises. These are considered “gut feelings” and while many people accept this as an answer, they don’t realize that it has to do with telepathy. The most common instance you will hear is the connection between a mother and child.

We can’t really pinpoint an exact time when the majority of humanity seemed to lose touch with telepathy, but it has a lot to do with not believing in its power. You often see this amongst many religious organizations like Christianity and Islam that believe this is a tool used by Satan and is simply demonic power.

The debate over this subject continues to surface every now and again, but the truth of the matter is that religions have a lot of power over our civilization. We are taught that our own natural abilities should be pushed aside for the Messiah, the Savior, or the Prophet (depending on your religion).

Do you ever wonder why this is so? A lot of it has to do with the powerful leaders of each religion. While we will say that there are true religious leaders, there are some out there that don’t want anyone else to have the power. Think of it as someone challenging you in your workplace. Do you want to acknowledge that they know more than you do? Of course not, which is why some religious officials do the same thing.

Everyone deals with different religions, but if they’re not pushing down telepathy, scientists who are narrow minded are the next in line. They believe that telepathy cannot be numerically measured to get enough serious consideration. They also exclaim that it can’t be tasted, or even touched. Keep in mind there are several scientists who believe in the telepathy powers, but they are few and far between.

It’s a big dilemma considering scientists have no problem accepting emotions and instincts. Are these individuals being prejudice? It’s possible, but since scientists can feel emotions and instincts themselves, they consider this okay. When it comes to telepathy though, there is a lot left to be explained, so they don’t acknowledge it.

Maybe it’s just jealousy on their part. After all, most individuals hate it when something can’t be explained, yet someone else can do it. When a phenomenon like telepathy comes along, it’s much easier to tell us it’s an instinctive response as opposed to an extraordinary power of the mind.

Maybe we can date back this loss as far as the Tower of Babylon story featured in the bible and the confusion that surrounded languages. Maybe it wasn’t just language that was a setback; maybe people who used telepathy had this problem as well.

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