Whales Are Not Only Majestic But Also Intelligent

Whales migrate over very long distances yearly especially the Baleen whale that migrate in groups which are also known as pods from the cold water where they are known to feed to warm water which they use as breeding grounds.

These groups of mammals have an incredible bond with each other and the strongest being between mother and calf. The baleen has been known to travel alone or they can also travel in a small group and the toothed species travel in fairly large pods and this is because they hunt together and travel together. The group also ensure safety and care when it comes to their young.

The whale gives birth to live young unlike most fish clomid online which lay eggs. The females like land mammals have mammary glands from which the calves suckle. These creatures breed in warm waters which are seasonal and the females usually have a single calf every one to three years.

The female carries her young for nine months and some carry for eighteen months this varies from species to species.

When the female has given birth the baby can swim almost instantly and the females look after their babies for a year and the babies will continuously feed off their mother’s milk. The females are extremely protective of their calves. The whale song which is a specialized communication system can spread for many kilometres under the sea.

The humpbacks song can last for up to thirty minutes and a low frequency song is produced by the Baleen. Clicks and whistles are used by the toothed species and the also use this for the purpose of echolocation. The clicking is thought to be used for attracting a mate and could also be a territorial click as well and they use the clicking in order to locate prey.

Whales have defence mechanisms whereby the toothed species use their teeth to kill the diet pills their prey as well as protect themselves. Most of the toothed species hunt cooperatively by catching and killing large prey such as the orcas are capable of killing a young blue whale and humpbacks use a method known as bubble net feeding which allows them to catch large amounts of small fish during a feeding.

For nearly fifty years Henry Adams, who stays on the East Coast of America, has been studying whales and gathering facts about whales.

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