Chakra Cleansing -The Ultimate Workout!

With all of the environmental and physical factors we are exposed to regularly, it’s important to take weight loss acomplia good care of your health; and spiritual health is a big part of this. Your chakras are no less susceptible to these factors than are any other parts of your body and your chakras can also be affected by spiritual and emotional events. This makes chakra cleansing a necessary part of maintaining your health through keeping mind, body and spirit in balance. Regular chakra cleansing keeps us healthy and ensures the proper flow of energy through our bodies.

Every part of our being depends in every other part, meaning that chakra cleansing is every bit as important to your health as is eating well and getting regular exercise!

Read on to learn about the chakra cleansing methods which have been proven to work over thousands of years of use.

*Smudging with certain herbs and other plants, especially white sage can help by clearing away blockages in your chakras caused by negative energies. Burn some white sage in a closed room for a few minutes, allowing the smoke to fill the room.

*Auric brushing: Crystals and gems can be used to heal and cleanse chakras, but should only be done by a trained professional as if not done the right way, this technique can cause damage.

*Diet: Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and get plenty of water and pure fruit and vegetable juices. Get adequate sleep every day as when your body is in good shape, your chakras will also benefit.

*Regular exercise and proper breathing helps to keep your chakras working properly.

*Nature: Spending some time in nature can be an effective method of chakra cleansing. Get out into the countryside and observe the plants and animals even if you live in a city, you can do this at a park; the important thing is to make some time to experience the natural world.

*Color therapy: Each of your chakras has a corresponding color and can be stimulated and cleansed of negative energy by visualizing these colors or by looking at them.

*Music: Music is one of the most effective methods of chakra cleansing. Music stimulates and activates your chakras and along with them, your endocrine system.

*Keep your mind active: When you continue to learn and grow intellectually, you are keeping your energy centers (the chakras) active.

*Meditation and reflection: Set aside a little time in your day to think about the events of the day. You’ll gain some valuable perspective on the goings on of your life and keep your chakras in better shape in the bargain.

*Love yourself: Unless you are able to love yourself, you will not be able to accept love or love others. Love produces potent effects on your mind and spirit which affect your chakra health positively.

*Be attuned to your emotions. You need to acknowledge your emotions and be able to communicate them to others when needed. Repressing your emotions is not good for your mental or spiritual health and can cause blockages of negative energy in your chakras.

*Use your creativity. When you allow your creativity to have a place in your daily life, you keep your energy flowing buy clomid properly and will start enjoying your life more.

*Past lives: You need to be open to your past lives, especially to the opportunity to learn about yourself through them. The self awareness and sense of purpose this can give you will make all of your other chakra cleansing techniques more effective.

*Be the change you want to see in the world: Live your life in accordance with the principles of honesty, respect and trust.

*Prayer: Like meditation, prayer can quiet your mind and the more quiet you become, the more you can hear; this can open your mind and keep your chakras in balance.

All of these are effective methods of chakra cleansing and should be practiced in your daily life. Chakra cleansing may not happen instantly, but with regular practice of these techniques, you?ll be able to maintain proper energy flow and live a happier, healthier life.

The author Jane Wickham is one of the team of experts who writes for the popular site. To learn how knowledge of chakra cleansing can enhance your whole life and how you can get free chakra balancing instant balancing and healing sound recordings.

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