The Reality Of The Cosmic Ordering Service

Due to the publicity surrounding the cosmic ordering service over the last year or so, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that it is actually possible to order whatever you want from the universe and it will provide it.

Of course, with the media often running articles concerning celebrities who swear by it, more ordinary people are now wanting a slice of the cake as well. However, for many people, the question still remains, what are my chances of success?

The fact of the matter is it can work for everyone. However, if you have tried and not had any success then you should look deeper. The chances are you were subconsciously preventing yourself from obtaining the things you desire.

The right to use the cosmic ordering service belongs to one and all, allowing everybody to get what they desire. Of course some people will point out that they have never had a desire to be ill or in financial difficulty and admittedly, they are right.

The problem is not the cosmic ordering service, but rather the way you channel your desires. Avoid saying things such as; I really don’t want to get ill. This is a negative manner in which to seek your desires.

You should aim to seek desires from a more positive aspect so, instead of what you don’t want, rather desire what you do want. For example, you could say, I’m so healthy it’s of little wonder that I never get ill.

This is the area that many fail when they make affirmations or attempt to think positive. They see themselves as they are, not as they could be, and reaffirm their station in life instead of affirming the spot they should be and believing they are already received their cosmic order.

As we embark on our journey through life, our beliefs are often influenced by other people as well as different experiences. When we first started out in this life, we believed in ourselves and that all things were possible and now, we need to believe like that once more.

Right from birth, children are continuously taught just how wrong it is to want too much, or even how wrong it is to get too much. The fact is though, if this was a perfect world, our parents would have taught us that we do in fact deserve everything we want, without having to make huge sacrifices.

This is all wrong. There is more than enough for everyone. The fact that you exist means you’re allowed to order. You cannot take from others. This actually negates the system.

If you believe there’s not enough for you, beware, because this in itself is channelling negative desire. Don’t desire what another has, as this could be interpreted as meaning you don’t have enough, another negative channel. Instead, be happy for those who have plenty and simply remind yourself, there is enough for everyone.

Quantum physics helped to prove some of the principals of cosmic ordering. weight loss medication Your brain emits powerful energy waves that influence the movement of the tiniest particle known to man, the quark. If you send out positive energy, you get cheap clomid online positive results in return.

The most difficult aspect of this entire process is to free ourselves from all those entrenched beliefs. All those negative beliefs which are so firmly embedded in our memories have to be cleared away, and in order to achieve that, you’ll have to use every single tool available.

These tools, like self-hypnosis, binaural frequency waves and subliminal suggestion and affirmations, shoot past the logical portion of the mind into the belief portion, the subconscious. The help to clear away the old beliefs that stop you from using the cosmic ordering system to get everything that you want.

You need to believe that the cosmic ordering service can and does work, and you need to believe that as a human being, you can control your future and determine your own happy destiny.

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