Harness The Power Of The Universe With The Secret Law Of Attraction

It may be the last time you heard about the universal laws was in your high school physics class. As a short refresher course, the universal laws are natural rules that govern the way the cosmos works. Natural laws cannot be modified by further judicial discourse; they are what they are. An apple plucked from a tree will always fall to the earth, plain and simple. And there are other universal laws that most people do not know about. If you can harness them, there is no telling what you can accomplish. And it is possible to harness the universal secret law of attraction with just the power of your mind.

The theories behind the law of attraction have been around in one form or another since man first began to question his place in the universe. Approximately one hundred years ago, advances were made in being able to feel the powers of the universe in your mind. Since then, refinements have been made and today Abraham Hicks has codified the law of attraction.

If you are planning on making the law of attraction work for you,

you need to train your mind to use it. The first step in your training is to have only positive thoughts. This is actually more difficult than it sounds. You need to take all the doubts and secret fears you hold in the back of your mind and sweep them clean away.

For most of us, we have been trained to think poorly of our abilities. At some point in our lives we have been told we aren’t good enough, smart enough, or talented enough to accomplish our goals.

These negative thoughts have stuck with us since then. We have to get rid of these thoughts. Start out by telling yourself you are smart, successful, and likeable. If you tell yourself this often enough, you will eventually come to believe it.

Once you completely believe that you are amazing person, it is time to let the powers of the universe work for you. Energy works like a magnet. If you are full of positive energy then the positive energy of the rest of the world will be drawn to you as well. Once you have gathered up all this incredible positive energy, you can project outward from yourself.

We crack self-deprecating jokes and don’t set our expectations too high so that we won’t get disappointed. However, if we can learn to release all of our doubts and fears and only view ourselves in a positive light, then the sky’s the limit. Take some time every day, say at least twenty minutes, to sit still and concentrate on what a good person you are. It may take one or many months, buy generic acomplia but eventually you will believe it.

After you have this amazing ball of positive energy it is time to project it on your goals. Simply visualize yourself getting what you want and focus all of your energy into that visualization. Once that is achieved act as though the object of your desire is already in your grasp. Since you have the powers of the universe backing you up, it shouldn’t be that long before you have achieved your goals. Even though mental training can be somewhat difficult, if you are looking for a method to turn your life around focus your energy on the law of attraction.

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