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Whales Are Not Only Majestic But Also Intelligent

Whales migrate over very long distances yearly especially the Baleen whale that migrate in groups which are also known as pods from the cold water where they are known to feed to warm water which they use as breeding grounds.

Your Subconscious Mind – The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Are you interested in becoming a multi-millionaire? Perhaps you are on the search for true love and happiness. No matter what you are looking for, you would be best served seeking the solution in your subconscious mind. Yes, the power of the mind is truly our greatest ally and it can certain aid in helping to unlock everything needed for our success.

Subconscious Mind Secrets And Myths

Most people are already aware of the concept of having a ‘subconscious’ mind as well as a ‘conscious’ mind. On the other hand, not many people actually realize just how powerful the subconscious mind can be. In fact, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, but you need to bear in mind that while your subconscious mind can be your best friend, it can also be your worst enemy, since it’s the subconscious mind that essentially controls the life you live. So, what exactly is the subconscious mind, and why is it important that we pay attention to it?

Chakra Cleansing -The Ultimate Workout!

With all of the environmental and physical factors we are exposed to regularly, it’s important to take good care of your health; and spiritual health is a big part of this. Your chakras are no less susceptible to these factors than are any other parts of your body and your chakras can also be affected by spiritual and emotional events. This makes chakra cleansing a necessary part of maintaining your health through keeping mind, body and spirit in balance. Regular chakra cleansing keeps us healthy and ensures the proper flow of energy through our bodies.