What Will Happen In 2012?

Many believe that the Year 2012 will be the year that our current era ends. There is much speculations and myths about the year 2012. Many believe that the planet may ascend to another dimension during that time. Also, some others believe that something magical will happen that bring certain people to a better place.

In my opinion, all these scenarios may be too far fetched to be true. People have been taking symbolic interpretations too literally.

However, there is no denying that the planet is indeed undergoing much changes now. Have a look around and you will sense that things are happening at a much more shocking pace. In addition to that, I also strongly believe that human consciousness is about to enter a more enlightened period. This more enlightened condition is perhaps what the new era is really all about.

This transition, which on an individual level, is most probably brought about by a gradual process of realisations and clearing of old habit patterns, resulting in transformation. This should lead to a progressively expanded state cheap clomid online that is much less fear-based. My sense is that it will take at least several hundred years for our civilisation to transform itself into a more awakened state.

Below is an elaborations of what I believe entails the transformation process:

1. A series of realisations, occurring at personal and group levels. These realisations bring us closer to understanding the dynamics of consciousness as well as how consciousness is related to our environment.

2. cheap generic acomplia Habit patterns that bind us to certain activities and relationship are being discovered. And additional steps are taken to clear these patterns. In the process, the old activities will become incompatible with the newer state of being. One either gets ejected from the prior situations or move out on his or her own accord.

For example, your job requires you to perform certain things and the driving factor of you performing these thing at this speed is fear. But in the newer state of being, your performances will suffer because

you are less fear driven. So… in the end you leave the job or gets fired. In either situation, you get ejected out of the old situation.

The above descriptions are not conclusive and are purely my guesses. In any case, the dynamic probably will be complex and may be inclusive of many other mechanisms as well.

My opinion is that, nothing mystical or magical will happen in 2012. The betterment of civilisation and global conditions will be a gradual process, that is driven by realisations, discoveries and transformation of old ways and habits.

For your necessary discernment.

Thank you for reading.

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