What is My True Nature?

As my storyline is unfolding and I am creating the illusion
of stress, I remind myself of my true nature. Who am I
really? Have you heard the expression that we are all
spiritual beings having a human experience? That is but a
glimpse of the truth. We are infinite beings here on this
great Earth amusement park playing the human game.

At all times we are having a blast. Even now, as I have
created a pay cut, and endless scenarios to create the
illusion of limitation and lack, I know on a deep level that
the true ME is experiencing true joy.

Think about why you go to a movie, play, sports game,
concert, or any other entertainment. Is it really
entertainment you are seeking? You go for the feelings that
are generated. Recall a movie that is memorable because of
the emotional trip it took you on. You may not remember who
starred in it, the Director or Producer. You vividly
remember how it made you feel. You can close your eyes and
imagine those scenes and feel the emotions.

If you were to attend the Super Bowl, you would be very
disappointed if the game progressed with one team dominating
the other and the outcome was a landslide by one team, even
if it were “your team”. The thrill is in the playing and the
way it makes you feel.

Think of a roller coaster. You may experience a feeling of
fear at the top before the big drop, but that is why you are
riding buy clomid online it. There is that part of all of us that loves the

The ultimate truth is we love playing the human game. We all
create a totally unique way of playing. The lies begin when
we look outside of ourselves and believe we don’t want the
life we are experiencing in this moment.

If you were to expand way out, and were able to observe your
life as a movie, you would begin to appreciate the detail
and intricacy of each storyline. You would appreciate all
the “actors” that are playing their roles in relationship to

As I continue my journey in the human game, and I come upon
the things that I am labeling as stress, I remind myself of
the truth. This is the game right now, this is what I TRULY

So for right now in this moment, I am appreciating the
thrill of the ride.

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Dr. Nancy Heimstra is a mentor, Certified Comprehensive
Coach, author and speaker. She loves teaching her clients
how to connect with their authentic self and thrive in the
world while honoring their essence and moving ahead
fearlessly by taking inspired action!

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