If the Human Life Experience Was an AI Driven VR Video Game, How Would You Rate It?

If you go to the bookstore and pick up a book on video
games you will not all the reviews and articles on the
various video games, and you’ll see they are rated for
authenticity, speed, graphics, and oh yah, the
government makes the video company games rate them on
sex and violence too. It seems we love to rate things,
especially movies with the one-star for “sucks” and the
five-stars for great. And remember the two-thumbs up
movie rater team in Hollywood.

Now then what if you thought of “Life as a Video Game”
now, that is an interesting topic indeed. And now that
you’ve lived a good many years how would you rate this
video game.

Let’s take a look diet pill acomplia at a really interesting
video game review, shall we? How would you rate your
life experience, you being the player in this video
game called; Life.

Now, we are not going to rate this video game for;
suitable for children under 12, because let’s face it
life is not an easy game is it? And the older you get
and the more you learn the less you seem to know. So,
as far as skill levels, well, it just keeps increasing.
To master the game of life you have to really work at
it. Face it, there is family, career, money, and all
sorts of things, most of all to truly get the most out
of life you want to have some fun and excitement.

So, let’s consider this for a moment, on a
philosophical level, how do you rate your life, the
game of life that is?

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