Living in Reactive Mode

Robert Scheinfeld talks a lot about how in Phase 2 you live in re-active mode, rather than pro-active

In other words, you operate from your Expanded Self. Pure Consciousness, instead of your small self as the player.

This goes against the grain of what the gurus teach us about the human game or its subset the business game.

They tell us that in order to be successful, you need to be proactive. You need to make goals – all kinds of goals, life goals, long term goals, short term goals or daily goals.

I’ve recently read someone’s to-do list It started at 4:00am daily and went until midnight.Every minute of his day was decided in advance. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

That’s the price of success, they tell us, no matter what you are searching for, whether it’s money, career, better relationships or controlling your emotions, you must set it as a goal. I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

In Phase 2 of the human game, you realize, “You Are Not Driving the Bus” Your expanded Self is.

In Phase 1, your expanded self is hiding your power and tying to convince you that you are the opposite of who you really are, a powerful infinite Being. That took a great deal of power and a lot of time, your whole life up until now, if you are not playing the Phase 2 game.

Phase 2, on the other hand is exactly the opposite. Your expanded Self is giving you the opportunity to reclaim power that You have hidden from yourself.

While in Phase 1, you believe you must be in pro-active mode in order to attain your goals, which you believe will bring you happiness. (If only I had . . . then I would be happy).

In Phase 2, you live re-actively. You know you are not “driving the bus.” So when you feel discomfort, you use the tools Robert Scheinfeld has given you reclaim power so that the wisdom and bliss that is naturally you, come shining through.

Then you do what you are moved to

do, rather than what you should do.

You’ll find a wonderful example of re-active mode in the latest Harry Potter movie, The Half-Blood Prince.

In it Professor Dumbledore asks Harry to retrieve a particular memory from Professor Slughorn.

Harry cheap clomid online approaches him on several occasions, but fails to get the memory. Finally Harry remembers the good luck potion he won in class. He drinks it and lights up in joy. Hermione and Ron advise him how to track down Slughorn. They real off a timetable of where and when Harry would most likely run into Slughorn.

Harry, smiling in reactive mode immediately says, I’m going to visit Hagrid. His two friends try to dissuade him, but to no avail.

On the way to visit Hagrid, Harry runs into Slughorn who is cutting some potion material from plants in a green house. He stops to talk, but doesn’t mention the memory. He isn’t moved to do so. Instead he says he’s going to Hagrid’s. Slughorn follows him because he feels Harry shouldn’t be wandering off alone at night.

Harry enjoys the company of Hagrid and Slughorn, who are reveling in Hagrid’s hut. Time passes and Harry seems never moved to talk to him about the memory.  Finally Hagrid passes out after much drinking and merriment.

Harry finally gets the impulse to ask for the memory and is able to convince Slughorn to give it to him. Beautiful scene of being in reactive mode. He just let the scene play out, enjoying every minute of it.

That’s the lesson of re-active mode, letting the scene play out. After all how can you know what the future would bring or what you even want in the future?

How many times have you wanted something so badly and when it came, it didn’t satisfy?

If this post doesn’t seem clear to you if you are not familiar with the Phase 1 or Phase 2 games. I invite you to click on one of the links at the side, depending on your interest. Busting Loose from The Money Game, Busting Loose fda acomplia from The Emotions Game, Journey to the Infinite or The Path to True Joy. Take the free Guided Tour that Robert offers.

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