The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot is an amazing book.

It suggests that the Universe is not solid matter as we have come to believe, but is a Hologram.

He starts out by following the works of predecessors on memory. He points out that scientists thought that specific memories were recorded in specific parts of the brain.

The research of Wilder Penfield in the 1920s seemed to support this theory.

But in the 1940s Karl Pribram began studying the phenomenon. While initially he went along with Penfield’s studies, a breakthrough occurred when he started working with neuropsychologist Karl Lashley in Orange Park, Florida.

They found that rats taught to run a maze retained their memory and cheap clomid parts of the brain had been surgically removed. Even after large portions of the brain were
removed, the whole memory remained.

It was from hear that the holographic nature of the brain was postulated.

Holograms are photos made with the aid of mirrors and laser beams. When the photo is projected, it reveals a 3 dimensional image that looks so real that you can walk around it and see all sides of it, but if you try to touch it, you’re hand goes right through.

Talbot brings forth the notion that the universe is a hologram — that none of it is real, solid stuff, but as much of a photo as an apple image created with get acomplia holographic photography.

The holographic universe idea supports the Phase 2 player beautifully and in Phase 2, you, as the infinite Being are creating what you see, hear, feel, touch every moment of your day.

If you want to play around with holograms, there’s useful book called The Complete Book of Holograms: How They Work and How to Make Them.

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5 Responses to “The Holographic Universe”

  1. Good friends bring great wealth.

  2. Fabulous. That’s infinite abundance.

  3. Hi Gloria! Great to create bumping into other P2 Players – and quantum junkies. There’s nothing but coming and going energy at The Field level, and here’s the question I enjoy pondering: “Who is organizing all these physical world forms like people, cars, planes, trees, oceans … and sustaining them on a moment-by-moment basis? And how are ‘they’ doing it?” As I relax more and more into Robert’s model and recover more and more power, I just get blown away from time to time that … it’s me! Me and my Expanded Self are doing it! Wow! Appreciation! Amazing!

  4. You may also enjoy Amit Goswami’s writing.

    He wrote a book :
    The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World.

    He’s now done a film called the Quantum Activist.

  5. Right you are. I’m blown away by the things I create, then disappear as though they were never created. Mindblowing.

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