Consciousness is Primary; Matter is Secondary.

“Consciousness is primary; matter is secondary”
David Orme-Johnson, PhD

The early part of the 20th century saw an enlivenment of pure consciousness which proved to be the source of all creation.

Brilliant men and women, creative scientists, physicists and mathematicians, Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, Max Planck, David buy clomid online Bohm, and Erwin Schrodinger, walked and talked in the glory of the Swiss Alps discussing science, religion, politics and all manner of things.

Out of these conversations arose the most revolutionary concepts  of the history of Physics, which they collectively called Quantum Mechanics. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Schroedinger’s wave theory formed its basis. Eventually, these early discovers led to a Quantum Field Theory Heisenberg documents these events in a book called ‘Physics and beyond; encounters and conversations.”

The second world war witnessed an end to the creative collaboration, when many German Jewish scientist a fled to the United States, some to  turn their attention to the development a of mass destruction,

Heisenberg stayed behind in Germany working on the same destructive project.

Towards the end of the war a young  physics student, Mahesh, in India, exposed to this knowledge as well as the knowledge of his own Vedic tradition, left the  world of matter to immerse himself in consciousness by seeking out and finding a master of immense power, known endearingly as Guru Dev.

A strong impulse, caused the young monk to leave his seclusion in the Himalayas to visit online acomplia a series of holy places. A chance meeting encouraged the  monk to bring his knowledge from the quietness of the Himalayas to the world. After spreading his deep meditation technique, which allowed the average person to experience this all creative consciousness, Maharishi Mahesh Yoga, set out to teach this technique to millions of people by going to the two most creative countries in the world, Germany and the United States. Maharishi began a worldwide movement to enliven consciousness in the world through the Transcendental Meditation Technique.

Millions of people have benefited from Maharishi Mahesh’s deep meditation, now known as the Transcendental Mediation Technique ™Wattles knowledge brings these enlivened laws of nature to

It is now time to look beneath the surface, to see the truth, know the truth and live the truth in spite of appearances.

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