Achieving Prosperity Consciousness Versus Accepting Poverty Consciousness

Most people believe that to become wealthy you must get good
grades, get a good education, find a job, get a promotion in
your job, and rise to the top of your business. Others think
that to become wealthy, you need to have a PhD, or at least
a Master’s to do well. Many more will think that in order to
become wealthy, you have to work the hardest, and even if
you do end up working the hardest, it doesn’t guarantee you
wealth, but at least you gave it your best.

It feels like deep down all of us would like to do what we
want to do when it comes to making money in the world, but
because of the social conditioning in our surroundings, it
can make it nearly impossible. There is a fear that if we do
not follow the same pattern as everybody else, then we are
doomed to failure, causing us to take any potential risks
and putting us back into our mainstream “safe zones”.

When it comes down to how much money you are having in your
life, I believe that it really comes down having one of two
mind frames – prosperity consciousness or poverty

Even if you land a six figure job, would this be considered
wealthy? Most people would, considering that 2/3 of the
world’s population is in poverty. To them, this would be a
blessing. But what if you were earning ten million dollars
in income, and all of a sudden it became six figures a year.
You would be really angry, maybe even depressed, because you
are now only earning a mere 1% of what you had before. This,
to you, would be considered “poverty”.

When being prosperity conscious or poverty conscious, it’s
all order acomplia a matter of your perspective. To somebody who has always
been used to poverty all their life, they will accept the
state they’re in and think that six figures a year has made
their life. A person, who is always prosperous, will think
that six figures a year is not nearly enough to give them
the real financial freedom to literally do whatever they
want at any given moment in their life.

My dad has worked in the same tool’s business for most of
this life. He owns a shop in a rundown neighborhood and is
unnoticeable if you drive by it fast. There are some days
where he only gets a few customers a day. To him, these are
just “bad days” as he has gone through many of these days
for many years in his life – 30 years in fact.

If I ever told him to be positive, positive in the sense
that it would be wise to figure out what’s wrong and change
what he’s doing, he would tell me to be realistic, realistic
in the sense that it’s because the economy is bad and some
days you just won’t get customers. That’s just how life is.

My buy clomid mom would be in support of my dad, but she takes it to
another level. It’s really sad seeing her sometimes because
is always so obsessed with the fear of the economy, from
people losing their jobs to companies going bankrupt to
housing foreclosures. These things added, onto her already
conservative mind frame, makes her entire life belief into
principles of not spending money on useless things, save
receipts, count every penny spent, always study, always get
an education, always prepare for jobs, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents to death, but when it
comes down to how much money one person deserves in life,
they both have a related poverty consciousness.

If I ever asked them what if would feel like to drive a
Mercedes-Benz (instead of a Honda CR-V), they would probably
chuckle and say, “Maybe in another lifetime…” They are so
accepting of their financial status that even the mere idea
of a wealthy thing coming into their lives would seem

I’m sure a lot of people not just family members, but
friends put them “back into their place.” Are you one of
these people? If you told your friend today, “Hey, I’m going
to do what I love, create a business out of it, and become
wealthy.” Would they be cool with it?

Or would they say something like, “Good luck…” which
really means, “Yeah right but I’m really going to say good
luck to you just out of courtesy to make you feel good at
this moment.”

Or would they really support you? You know your friends best
but when it comes down to how much money you intend to make,
it comes down to you, and only you.

So look around you. Look in your pockets right now. Look in
your bank account. Are you in debt right now?

Whatever financial circumstance, you can choose to achieve
prosperity consciousness or accept poverty consciousness.
It’s as simple as making that decision in life.

So how do I see a poverty consciousness?

To me, it would be someone who cuts out every coupon
available in the newspaper for them to get discounts.

would be someone who never spends money on anything that
involves pleasure, leisure, or entertainment, someone who
doesn’t take risky chances but rather plays it safe by
taking years of education imploding their brains with
everlasting information, someone who is willing to take any
type of job from even the meanest boss because at least they
are getting paid, and someone who thinks money is hard to
come by, so being grateful for what they have helps them
cope with everyday life.

This would be an example poverty thinking.

And how do I see a prosperity consciousness?

To me, it would look like someone getting annoyed by money
hitting their head from the sky like how rain falls from the
sky. It would be someone who sweeps the piles and piles of
money that overflows the inside of a football stadium, or a
person who walks through the beaches of money lying around
like the sand laying around. It’s a person who swims across
the entire ocean of money and cannot sink because there is
too much of it, and somebody who beliefs that there is so
much money in their possession that they will never run out
of it as it comes from everywhere and every imaginable
source possible.

This would be an example of prosperity thinking.

Many people would believe that this type of prosperity
consciousness is deemed as “unrealistic” or “unreasonable.”
Who cares what other people think. Ultimately, you’re the
only one who chooses to believe what is realistic and what
is not. Everything in the world is just based on one’s
perception of something, and if you choose to belief that
something is real, then it is. So learn how to develop
achieve a prosperity consciousness even if takes wild
imagination, rather than accepting a poverty consciousness,
and you’ll be able start attracting the riches from inside
your thinking and transform it into outwards physical

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