Playing The Business Game in Phase 2

When I first started Phase 2, I stopped playing the
Business Game entirely. I didn’t have the impulse to
continue doing what I had been doing and the way I had
been doing it.

During the years prior to being introduced to Busting
Loose from the Money Game, I tried, really hard, to
make money.

I did a number of MLMs, spent more money than I made,
got into debt, then moved on to something else. Sound
familiar? clomid online I always seemed to have in  my mind the
number 6. Six months down the line, I would begin to
make money. Six months from now, I would be financially

I made lists. I created goals. I reviewed my lists and
goals to see what I had accomplished. Not much.

I hadn’t much success with advertising even though I
could often write a compelling piece of copy. But It
rarely sold.

I was also a believer that if I had the right script,
if someone could tell me exactly what to do, I would be

I was better with the telephone.

Then I would meet a mentor who would give a script and
tell me exactly what to do. And I was good at it. I
would sometimes join group prospecting calls where we
would listen to each other.

I was always told that I was good. I sounded confidant
and pleasant and knew what I was doing.

Still I didn’t achieve a whole lot of money from my
efforts. I’d sit down and make 100 dials a, reach a
dozen people, get 3 or 4 to say they would listen to
the call, then reach no one when I called back.

Very discouraging.

My main business in Phase 1 was financial education. I
sold people 20 CDs on the subject and followed up with
a ticket that had a high expression of appreciation
involved to an International Financial Education

I order cheap acomplia sold 2 or 3 tickets some years. Not too bad as the
commission was good, but definitely not great as I
averaged out maybe 1 a year.

Fast forward to Phase 2 when I stopped doing everything
to do with business.

I sometimes felt guilty or uncomfortable with this, so
what did I do? Apply the process.

Eventually, I found that, in Phase 2, I was still
interested in all the things that enticed me in Phase
1. I realized that I could still play with the same
toys in Phase 2 as I did in Phase 1, but I had to do it
re-actively instead of pro-actively.

Re-activity has been an amazing experience for me. If
you watched me in my daily life, you would say I’m very
pro-active because I’m often moved to do all kinds of

I’m meeting new  people, playing new games, like the
blogging game  and it’s fun!

It’s a great journey.

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  1. Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  2. I update frequently. Drop by again. I’ve just posted recommended sites which are about Phase 2. Click on any one of them and you will go to an information page and be allowed to take a tour. There’s a lot of free information there. Don’t miss out on it.

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