Phases in The Human Game

The Human Game has two phases. Robert Scheinfeld calls them Phase1 & Phase 2.  Simple enough.

The Difference Between Phase 1 & Phase 2 in the Human Game is equally simple.

The basis of the Game is that You are a Powerful Being choosing to play a game that would be worthy of a Powerful Being. Think of it. What kind of game would an Infinite Being play? Something very complicated? Something intense? How about attempting to live within limits and restrictions?

It would take a lot of power for an all-powerful Being to convince OneSelf that One is limited or restricted.

In Phase 1, you as an Infite Being must convince yourself that you are the purchase acomplia opposite of who you really are. You need to convince yourself that you are  not all-powerful, but limited and restricted. Everything you experience in Phase 1, ultimately, creates limits and restrictions and supports you in playing the Human Game.

Phase 2 is the exact opposite of Phase 1.  Since it  took a lot of power to convince yourself that buy clomid online you are the opposite of who you really are, in Phase 2 your expanded Self takes you to all those places where the power is hidden (very scary places to you in Phase1) and gives you the opportunity to reclaim that power.

What an incredible invention, the Human Game is.

For more information and much details and support, check out Robert Scheinfeld’s work The Path to True Joy.

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