The Seven States of Consciousness

In the title of this blog, I describe Pure Consciousness as the Ultimate Reality. Let me explain.

When I first learned Transcendental Meditation 27 years purchase acomplia online ago, I understood there were Seven States of Consciousness.

  1. Waking
  2. Dreaming
  3. Sleeping
  4. Transcendental
  5. Cosmic
  6. God
  7. Unity

We are familiar with the states of waking, dreaming and sleeping, experiencing them every day.

Over our lives, we might have short glimpses of transcending.

I remember, at age 18, moving to New York City. I roomed in a women’s club on West 85th street. Every day, I would head East to Broadway and climb down the stairs to take the Subway to West 52nd street for my classes at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

One day, one weekend day, when I wasn’t going to school, I decided to take a walk in the other direction — west, not knowing if I’d find anything there.

I walked along, came to the corner and looked. My breath stopped. My mind and body stilled as a vista opened up before me — the sight of trees, grass, water beyond — Riverside park. I was surprised by seeing something I never expected in busy New York City, that I transcended. My breath was literally taken away.

When my sister came to visit me shortly afterwards. I took her on the same walk and watched as she, too transcended time and stopped breathing, then opened her mouth with a deep sigh at the beauty..

Does the state I’m describing sound familiar? Have you ever had your breath taken away by a site, a thought, a song, a person . . . or simply the bliss of Being?

Of course, at the time, I didn’t call it a transcendent experience. I didn’t know what transcendence was until I meditated using the TM technique for the first time.

In TM, you use a mantra, a sound whose meaning is unknown, to allow the mind to settle down. You dive within and experience thought at it’s silent source. You begin to experience transcendental consciousness every day twice a day during meditation. It is the experience, no matter how brief, of pure consciousness — a consciousness of joy or as meditators would call it, bliss consciousness.

As you meditate on a regular basis, some of that bliss or transcendental consciousness begins to permeate your waking state. That is known as Cosmic consciousness. People experience it as witnessing — e.g. experiencing waking consciousness with the sense that you are watching yourself.

God consciousness has often been described in literature of saints buy clomid and mystics as seeing the finest relative values — experiencing a flower, for example, not just as a red rose or yellow tulip, but seeing into it’s essence.

Unity consciousness consists of the experience of oneness with everything and everyone.

The subtitle of this web site is “Aham Brahmasmi. I am the creator of all I experience.”

Meditators have been known to talk of Brahmin Consciousness. But Brahmin isn’t a state of consciousness. It is beyond states of consciousness. It is Consciousness ItSelf — Pure Being.

It is the Source of all Creation.

It is Pure Consciousness.

It is the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature.

It is Who You Really Are.

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One Response to “The Seven States of Consciousness”

  1. You certainly have been a prolific blogger!

    Just wanted to clarify something. CC is not when TC “begins” to permeate waking state but rather when it dominates. We switch form a person experiencing TC to TC experiencing a person. Before that switch takes place, there can be periods of time where we “witness” life taking place and the body acting. We could say this is a symptom of growing awareness. But it is not full CC until the roles have switched. CC is also called Self realization for obvious reasons.

    The key to understand is that higher states are not experiences but rather values of consciousness in which experiences may take place. TC can have a quality of being without experiences, for example. A kind of space or openness. Experiences can be associated with awakening but it is the unfolding of consciousness that determines the state, not the secondary experience.

    In the same way, Unity is not an “experience” of oneness. People have those long before Unity. Rather it is Being One. It is a change in who we are. Aham Brahmasmi.

    Minor points perhaps, but it can be the difference between insight and illusion.

    And one minor thing. Brahmin is usually used for the caste. Brahman for the absolute.

    Thanks for sharing this! The path is much easier if we have a map.

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